Marcus Hiles Promises A Better Lifestyle

Unless you live in its immediate vicinity, the town of Little Elm, Texas, will probably not be your preferred destination. However, that looks definitely set to change as it now finds itself celebrated as the proud host of the Future of Housing Complexes. The Estates 3Eighty is a modern, innovative estate of newly-designed and built houses, all functioning within a secure and self functioning community. The 3Eighty Estates bring you all the advantages of urban living without the stress and pressure that so often accompanies it. The apartments range from one- to four-bedroom accommodations, offering opportunities for entire families to young single professionals, thus ensuring the estate enjoys a diverse community.

What is most striking about the complex is just how modern it appears. The design is very ahead of its time. The furnishings are those you only see in the front windows of high-end design shops on unaffordable shopping parades. It’s awash in style. Marcus Hiles is promising you a better lifestyle, and the word ‘chic’ seems the most apt for describing such a smooth and seamless urban design environment located within the scenic panorama for which this beautiful area is famous.

The site itself offers you all the comfort and personal privacy that a home should, whilst offering the benefits and treatment of a 5-star hotel. Not many housing estates can boast an atmospheric clubroom, private personal trainer, Starbucks cafe, mail center, and activity playground for children to name but a few of the numerous facilities on offer. Marcus Hiles is bringing this exciting project to a small town, and will no doubt introduce a vibrant range of cultures, community and spirit to an already thriving and beautiful part of America.

Moreover, the complex hopes to attract a range of different social structures to its community, and the area is thriving with entertainment possibilities for people of all tastes and interests. Professional sports teams reside in the area, alongside award-winning zoos and a vibrant and fashionable nightlife- to name but a few things before we even mention the area of natural outstanding beauty in which it is located. The development perches on the 66-mile shoreline of Lewisville Lake, offering some of the most scenic landscapes Texas has to offer. One of the largest employers and corporate names in the area is Toyota, whose headquarters are located 15 minutes from The Estates 3Eighty- drawing a large pool of professionals and other industries and businesses to the area. For more information about this – and other – exciting developments, please visit Magnolia Real Estate, Marcus Hiles.

Marcus Hiles and Local Communities

One of Western Rim Property Services latest projects is The Mansions, which explicitly seeks to couple families and young professionals with their ideal homes, elegantly designed, with a range of facilities and services on site that give the atmosphere of a highly-maintained resort lifestyle. Some of the great community features of the projects include a state-of-the-art fitness center, luxurious social clubroom to promote and encourage the community spirit so important to Western Rim, a playground and activity area for children, Starbucks cafes, an on-call concierge service and outdoor swimming areas with training decks. What they have sought to create is a place residents can feel safe and entertained while remaining in their their community. All this, while having a relatively short drive to the attractions of urban living and entertainment on your doorstep.

Marcus Hiles, Houston, Texas, is a man with a very definite vision for his native Texas. He believes in nothing more than creating the highest-quality, luxurious and stylish housing communities in the state. Fusing a blend of high-specification design, unsurpassed locations, and superbly-equipped housing communities, Western Rim now offer developments situated in the very heart of the stunning Texan countryside, while simultaneously providing the aspirational, professional man or woman close  proximity to the main urban centres of this most vibrant of places. Not for nothing is Western Rim the acknowledged market leader in providing elegant, affordable homes within a thriving housing community.

The vision Western Rim has tried to impose also states its commitment to developing ‘green’ projects. All the housing complexes are noticeably leafy, and unobtrusive fit into the rural landscape without in any way seeking to dominate its surroundings. The materials used to create the buildings are eco-friendly, and all the power sources and logistics of the complexes use 39% less energy than the industry standard. The houses are installed with low e-windows, LED lighting and use VOC paints to decorate the interiors. The commitment to the environment is apparent in every aspect of these projects.

The Mansions projects also have a keen interest in contributing to the local communities. Marcus Hiles often states that he hopes by bringing these projects to this part of Texas, other businesses will follow to capitalise on the areas potential economic prosperity. Obviously, this would have a very positive economic effect on all the surrounding communities. Western Rim Property Services have excelled in the market, and many communities in Texas will hope they continue to do so. For further information go to Marcus Hiles: A Life of Philanthropy and Real Estate on